Take a Sundae Drive!

Ithaca, the official birthplace of the ice cream sundae, is the perfect place to start your journey. Back in the day, on a Sunday afternoon, April 3, 1892 to be precise, the Reverend John M. Scott of the Unitarian Church paid a visit to the local Platt & Colt Pharmacy. Mr. Chester C. Platt, shop proprietor, offered the Reverend a bit of refreshment, a bowl of ice cream. But before he served it to the Reverend, he added some cherry syrup and adorned it with a cherry. They both enjoyed their treat so much that they felt it needed a name and thus the “First Cherry Sunday” was born.

As simple as that first sundae was, it has opened up a sweet sense of enchantment with this scrumptious treat. Along the Byway, we have several creameries to amuse and satisfy your sweet tooth. So, take that Sundae Drive and let us know what your favorite sundae is by sharing it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Ithaca: Purity Ice Cream and Sweet Melissa’s

Trumansburg:  Trimmer’s and Not My Dad’s

Interlaken: Cayuga Lake Creamery

Seneca Falls: Love’s Italian Ice & Custard, Max’s Custard

Union Springs: Pete’s Treats

King Ferry: Cream at the Top