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©ClSB, Illustration by Annie Zygarowicz

The Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, Inc. will be launching a new program for groups/families traveling with children to learn about and experience some very cool places around the Cayuga Lake. While some of the sites are well known, others may be new to residents and travelers. The program is a fun scavenger-hunt style activity for the whole group/family to participate in.

Children will get a guidebook that will take them to 12 sites around Cayuga Lake. The children will need to follow riddles to find different features or items at each site. We also include puzzles that the group can work on while traveling between sites. All quests and puzzles are geared to share information about the natural, historic, and cultural features of the Cayuga Lake area.

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Annie Zygarowicz Self Portrait
Annie’s Self Portrait

Annie Zygarowicz served on the Board of Directors of the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, Inc. when she brought us the idea to develop a program for children to learn about the natural, cultural and historic assets surrounding Cayuga Lake. The Board loved the idea and even after Annie left the Board, we worked with her to create the Guidebook featuring her KIDS CAYUGA LAKE.

Annie’s Bio
As a life-long painter, sculptor, and graphic designer, Annie Zygarowicz has enjoyed every path of her art career.

Soon after graduating from the School of Visual Arts with BFA in illustration, Annie freelanced as an editorial illustrator for magazines while also developing marketable displays and products for children’s products. She has sculpted props and characters in clay that have been showcased in magazines and group/solo exhibitions. As an illustrator and graphic designer, she works with clients producing catalogues, book covers. booklets, signage, websites, maps, and educational products. Annie has also focused on illustrating and writing for children as well as paintings for
galleries. Her portfolio includes digital and traditionally rendered art and illustrations, character design and book dummies of pre-published children’s books. Annie’s illustrations have recently been published in publications and printed material.

More of Annie’s art can be found at

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