Along the Byway

A series of articles to help you plan your Byway experience.

This year has turned into quite a challenge for all of us. We hope you all stay safe and healthy. We also hope that you will keep checking back in with us throughout the days to dream of how you’ll spend your next trip to see us. When you do get back, we should have our three new programs ready for you to test out. In addition to sharing the new program information here on the website, we will also post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, if you haven’t liked or started following us on those social platforms, please do. Again, we wish you all well!

There are so many ways to enjoy the Cayuga Lake area and the Byway Board is busy working on three new programs to help you get even more out of your experience starting in 2020. While we know we are a popular destination to learn about and develop an appreciation for top-quality wine, cider, beer and distillery products, the Cayuga… read more »
Bring your binoculars! For casual and serious birders alike, the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway is a treasure trove for birding. From the many excellent birding sites along the lake to a nationally important wildlife and waterfowl refuge and an internationally renowned ornithology research lab, Cayuga Lake has plenty to keep bird enthusiasts interested. Birding in the area is a rich… read more »
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