Not long after the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway received its official designation in 2002, a core group behind planning the Byway sat down to plot the course for the future. Out of that process came the not-for-profit corporation, the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, Inc. (CLSB), in 2003.

Who is the CLSB?

Our not-for-profit corporation consists of an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Members come from communities in the three counties surrounding Cayuga Lake – Cayuga, Seneca and Tompkins. Business owners, private residents, representatives from the three county tourism offices, representatives from the three county planning offices, and representatives from major private and governmental organizations in the counties sit on the Board of Directors of the CLSB. Our current executive director is also a volunteer – a former Board Director who just couldn’t leave the Byway family after retiring from her 30-year career.

Our Mission

CLSB’s mission is to advance the ideas set forth in the CorrViticulture Sign Display Buttonwood Grove Winery 10 28 2016idor Management Plan, the document used to apply for official designation, and the Strategic Plan developed by the Board of Directors. To date, our all-volunteer Board has accomplished much including:

  •  Installation of highway route signs
  •  Design and installation of three wayfinding/interpretive signs
  •  Establishment of a Geocaching Trail
  •  Publication of annual e-newsletters
  • Marketing with television, online and print outlets

In the Works

Celebrating our 17th year, we are now in the process of putting together three new programs to introduce to residents and visitors in 2021. Again, working with our three county planning offices under a grant from New York State’s Waterfront Revitalization Program, the Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail will be available to folks looking for an on-the-water experience with Cayuga Lake. Head on over to the Blueway Trail section of our website to learn more.

In concert with the Blueway Trail, a Birding Trail was developed. The Blueway Trail sites are also great places to experience the variety of birds who reside and breed in the area and migrate through the area each spring and fall. Cayuga Lake is part of the Atlantic Flyway, the migration highway used by thousands of bird species. Spring and fall are the highlight times to bird, but year-round you’ll spot some awesome species including our national bird, the Bald Eagle, who won’t be outdone by the Osprey fishing the waters of Cayuga Lake too. Check out the Birding Trail page.

Finally, we are putting the finishing touches on a new program for families to enjoy. The Kids Cayuga Lake program is a scavenger-hunt type activity where you’ll be directed to 12 locations around the lake and asked to solve puzzles to find the featured item at the site. Stay tuned for the roll-out of this program!

Want to Help?

As a not-for-profit, donations from businesses, residents and visitors are our lifeblood. If you love Cayuga Lake, we hope you’ll become a supporter of the CLSB. Head on over to our Support page to learn more.

The Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, Inc.

Sue A. Poelvoorde, Executive Director

Board of Directors
Cathy Millspaugh, Byway Resident – Chair
Vicki Agnello, Mozaic
Ian Barrett-Sargent, thaca Marriott Downtown
Fernando de Aragón, Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council – Treasurer
Kathy Chase, Cayuga Lake Wine Trail
Jim Delia, Byway Resident
Jodi Lee Denman, Paddledockers
Allison Hogue, Warren Real Estate
Kit Kalfs, Bet the Farm Winery
Jeff Kostick, Cayuga Lake Creamery – Vice Chair
Ken McConnell, Barrister’s Bed & Breakfast
Marcus Riehl, New York State Parks – Finger Lakes Region
Kate Supron, Cornell University – Secretary

Peggy Coleman, Ithaca-Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Karen Kühl, Cayuga County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Jeff Shipley, Seneca County Chamber of Commerce
Nick Helmholdt, Tompkins County Planning
Harriet Haynes, Seneca County Planning
Kari Terwilliger, Cayuga County Planning

Partner Organization
Andrea VanBeusichem, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge