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Along the Byway

A series of articles about some of the many themes that you can experience on the Byway.

Cayuga Lake is surrounded by so many interesting places to visit that it’s sometimes easy to overlook exciting opportunities to Enjoy the Ride! The Along The Byway section contains a series of articles about some of the hidden treasures and unique experiences to be found on the Byway.

Introducing a whole new way to Enjoy the Ride! The new Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway GeoTrail is a fun and interesting way to travel the Byway routes around Cayuga Lake. With 20 different caches strategically placed, you’re sure to get a true taste of the terrain and discover a new perspective on the beauty and culture of the Cayuga Lake read more »


The village of Union Springs, located along the northeast corridor of the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, will be abuzz with activity August 21st to August 24th as 108 of the country’s master bass anglers ply the waters of Cayuga Lake in the hunt for the biggest, wiliest bass to win the Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament $100,000 grand prize. We are read more »

Food Horn

On your trip around the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway don’t miss out on the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables at local stands dotting the landscape and at the Farmers Markets available in many of the Byway communities. We are in the prime of the growing season and as part of your drive along the Byway, we hope you’ll enhance read more »

Sweet Treat Trail

The Finger Lakes ‘Sweet Treat’ Trail celebrates Cayuga County’s unique sweets and treats made with fresh, local products. Whether it’s honey or jam or homemade cookies made with locally-grown and produced products, the trail has everything to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. Kicking off their second year in May 2014, the Trail partners will continue the Sweet Treat Trail Tasting Tour read more »

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