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There are so many ways to enjoy the Cayuga Lake area and the Byway Board is busy working on three new programs to help you get even more out of your experience starting in 2020. While we know we are a popular destination to learn about and develop an appreciation for top-quality wine, cider, beer and distillery products, the Cayuga Lake area also offers great opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and families!

First, Cayuga, Seneca and Tompkins counties, the three counties that encompass the Byway, along with the Byway Board have teamed up to develop a Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail. This new program will provide itineraries for on-the-water adventures for all types of paddle-powered watercraft. Website, printed materials and special signs will be available on how and where to access the lake and provide boating and weather information to make sure your Cayuga Lake experience is safe.

Second, the Byway Board is putting together a Kids Cayuga Lake program for families to learn about and experience some very cool places around the lake. While some of the sites are well known, others may be new to residents and travelers. The program will be a fun scavenger-hunt style activity for the whole family to share in.

Lastly, the Byway Board along with organizations and individuals who are avid followers of our feathered friends are developing information about birding the Byway. Cayuga Lake is within the Atlantic Flyway and during spring and fall many waterfowl species blanket the lake and adjoining wetlands for a spectacular show. We are also thrilled to experience the return of two majestic birds of prey – the bald eagle and osprey – who both are now nesting along the lake. It is quite an experience to watch these two birds ply the waters of Cayuga Lake for their next meal.

So, stay tuned for the roll out of these three programs in 2020! If you’d like to help support the programs, click on the DONATE button below. You can donate to the Byway or Blueway or give an unrestricted gift.



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