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Take Home A Whale Of A Tale

Fishing Cayuga Lake is just one of the many activities you can participate in on your trip to the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway. Just how good is the fishing? Well it’s so good that the BASSMASTERS professionals will be back in August 2019 to ply the waters of Cayuga Lake for the top prize in their Elite Series Tournament.

Our freshwater fishery is home to small- and large-mouth bass (picture to the right), trout, salmon, perch, sunfish, pike and pickerel, just to name some of the more popular catches. Who knows you also might catch a glimpse of Old Greenie, our infamous lake monster.

For more featured information about the Cayuga Lake freshwater fishery, check out the article posted below. AND, as you travel along the Byway, stop in to Frontenac Park, Union Springs and check out our WHAT LIES BENEATH interpretive sign.

The Troutperch (Percopsis omiscomaycus)

by Mel Russo

The troutperch is a small, spotted fish rarely exceeding 5 inches in length. It frequents the shoals and mouths of streams in the Finger Lakes area. The creature is so named because it has a spiny-rayed dorsal fin, like a perch, and a soft adipose fin between the dorsal and the tail fin, similar to a trout. In addition, the scales of this fish are somewhat soft and fine, like those of a trout, but ctenoid such as those of a perch. It is NOT a hybrid but truly an intermediate form of its own, between the salmon family and the perch family.

During the day, the troutperch is unseen as it inhabits the deeper, darker parts of our lakes. At night, however, it makes its diurnal migration to the shallows where it discretely forages for small crustaceans and larvae. It is valuable as an indigenous food fish for trouts, salmon, pike, and bass, as well as a great evolutionary specimen for taxonomists.

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